Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Environmental and Racial Justice--No Parkway in King Maple Neighborhood!

                   Champlain Parkway:  Let's shape a roadway our City can love!

Fight Environmental and Racial Injustice—Burlington’s Champlain Parkway Racial Discrimination Against King Maple Neighborhood: largest minorities in City, one in five residents, 21%! 80%+ low/moderate income! 31% pedestrian/bus dependent—no car access!  Black pedestrians die twice the rate of whites!

No Parkway! Proposed Pine/King and Pine/Maple traffic signals will bring 
      higher speeds to neighborhood traffic!
No Parkway! The Parkway will bring even more traffic to Pine, King and Maple
      Streets—up to 37% more! 
No Parkway!  The Parkway’s new traffic lights at Pine on King and Maple 
      Streets will increase pedestrian injuries about 20%, and car crashes!
No Parkway! The Parkway design will force pedestrians to wait when crossing 
      Pine Street at King and Maple and increase noise.

Comment online here until August 24!   ChamplainParkway.com/NEPA/  Also here: July 29 hearing and other comment ways. Translation and other help: 802-496-8956  info@champlainparkway.com Pine Street Coalition 7/2020 Rev 2

Stop Environmental, Racial, and Economic Injustice!  Speak Out!

Say “No Parkway” racial and environmental injustice 
                     in King Maple Neighborhood
U.S. walk safety leader, 58th on all-time world urbanists list tells our
   Mayor Weinberger face-to-face a traffic signal in place of the
   all- way stop at Pine/Maple would be a “huge mistake!” 
   Dan Burden, AARP Pine Street Walk Audit

Champlain Parkway fits Burlington’s Declaration of Racism a Public 
   Health Emergency!  
    “Our job is not to be saviors, but to find areas where you have
    embedded racism in your institution and remove it”
               City Councilor Zoraya Hightower, Burlington’s Declaration of 
               Racism a Public Health Emergency, July 16, 2020


Comment online here until August 24!
   ChamplainParkway.com/NEPA/  Also here: July 29 hearing and other comment ways. Translation and other help: 802-496-8956  info@champlainparkway.com 

New Street starting at Curtis Lumber/Kilburn Street along Parkway route over two miles to Queen City Park Road features this two-way separate bikeway and adjacent sidewalk

Pine Street Coalition’s “New Street” proposal preserves King Maple safety, cuts traffic numbers, a basis for a smaller scale compromise—a cheaper, climate responsive, highest safety Parkway for our South End avoiding another Burlington “holeintheground”!
See SafeStreetsBurlington.com

Parkway Delayed at Least to 2027 if Federal Highway/VTrans/City Refuse Collaborative New Street Resolution

Tweet 7/28/2020 Ready for the Champlain Parkway—in 2027? A letter from Pine Street Coalition counsel Atty. Cindy Ellen Hill in the Burton case before the BTV Development Review Board she advised that with a a normal legal process for the Champlain Parkway would clear the court in 2025, then construction and completion takes two years. The Coalition's New Street template certainly would speed things up. See SafeStreetsBurlington.com #btv #vtpoli

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Impossible City/VTrans/Federal Highway on New Street--All Possible but New Street!

(Im)Possible: BTV/VTrans/Feds--Cut Parkway off waterfront--Possible! Cut Parkway 3 lanes to 2 on Pine St--Possible! Cut new Parkway 4 lanes to 2--Possible! New Street cuts road 2 blocks Flynn Ave/Lakeside Ave, saves millions IMPOSSIBLE! http://SafeSteetsBurlington.com #btv #vtpoli