Sunday, October 15, 2017

1st Burlington Cycle Track (But none for Parkway!)

Just tweeted congrats to DPW on BTV's first cycle track, now in place from Main to Buell on S. Union, set to be completed north to N. Winooski.  The facility to be permanent.   

New BTV Union St (Main-N. Winooski) cycle track scores perfect 10! Treatment cures vehicles invading cycle space. Congrats BTV DPW!

The treatment cures the one major obstacle with the minimum street width--how to keep vehicles from pushing into the cycle lane.  The only question is whether the materials will stand up to plows, traffic, etc.--still no question those issues can be dealt with.   But for $35 million Champlain Parkway no cycle track, no separate walk ad bike facilities (Coalition includes in redesign).  Time now for reopening Parkway design for a new generation! (Last public process 2006.) 


         Sorry, but one cannot help but also point out the sorry state of pedestrian safety and note bicyclists get something first while pedestrian safety and service at intersections gets to eat cake--no best practice roundabouts...yet!

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  1. Finally, this is some amazing news for us bikers. I'll share this with a few friends of mine since all of them are also bikers. I hope more cities do the same thing.