Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Meeting Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe and Engaging Attorney Cindy Ellen Hill of Middlebury

Pine Street Coalition Meets with Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe and Retains Legal Counsel, Attorney Cindy Ellen Hill of Middlebury

A Pine Street Coalition (PSC) delegation met with Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe after the Legislature adjourned in June.  Discussion reviewed the PSC Parkway Re-Design Guidelines for cost savings (less tax money), lower global warming emissions, complete earlier by avoiding legal actions, reduced delay for neighborhood traffic and improving safety for the neighborhood rather then generating more injuries.  Again four principles--cheaper, cleaner, quicker, and much safer.   Asked by Sen. Ashe wouldn't the Parkway current design going ahead be an improvement over what is there?   The response was a strong "no."  The current design lacks satisfactory, safe, walk and bike facilities (detailed by communications of the Burlington Walk Bike Council); there would be increased injuries to residents and visitors alike; increased global warming emissions and gasoline waste rather than reductions; taking away six valuable acres for protection of the Englesby Brook and for economic development--the list of damage to the South End from the current Parkway design goes on and on.  

Middlebury Main Street Roundabout in Front of New Municipal Center

   Attorney Cindy Ellen Hill

The PSC has engaged Middlebury Attorney Cindy Ellen Hill.  Attorney Hill not only has considerable environmental law experience at the State (including Act 250) and federal level (National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA]) but has first hand experience at the municipal level as a Middlebury Selectboard member.  Attorney Hill knows the South End well.  She has taught now for some time as a Professor at Champlain College with courses at the Miller Center on Lakeside Avenue adjacent to the Parkway right-of-way.  Attorney Hill will assist the PSC in seeking a new planning process which can be expected to respond to the Parkway Re-design Guidelines developed at the grassroots level here in the South End.  

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  1. Well they will do something about it soon enough. Its good to see that these guys held a meeting to discuss these issues. Lets see what they do now.