Thursday, November 17, 2016

December Neighborhood Meeting

About 60 residents turned out for the Pine Street Coalition (PSC) Neighborhood Meeting December 8 at Burlington Public Works Conference Room. The PSC stressed a set of Redesign Guidelines achieves transportation facilities “cheaper, cleaner, quicker and (much) safer,” “doing more than less,” said PSC's Tony Redington.

 Charles Simpson gave introductory remarks, then introduced the three person panel, Steve Goodkind, former Burlington Public Works Director; Tony Redington, an advocate for transportation safety and roundabouts; and Diane Gayer, an architect and principal of the Vermont Design Institute.” You can view the presentations and lengthy public question and answer period on Channel 17 here:
Redington pointed to the double digit growth in highway fatalities 2015-2016, the first such surge in a half century as a concern. The Parkway calls for six new traffic signals systems which generate a 900% increase in rates of serious injuries and twice the crash rates compared to a roundabout. The purpose of the Parkway touts safety but the current design decreases safety by generating more crashes and more injuries than currently, Redington says.


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  2. Some of the leading negatives of current design include: (1) about 8 injuries to residents/visitors each year, mostly from six new traffic signals/intersections; (2) about 100,000 gallons gasoline waste with pollutants/global warming emissions; (3) environmental damage from building unneeded 1.5 lane miles of highway; (4) added stress instead of reduced stress to single largest (polluted!) stream in BTV entering Lake Champlain, Englesby Brook; and (4) loss of six acres of natural area/economic development lands. Add delay for all modes, taking away separate sidewalk, no separate walk and bike facilities in corridor, wasting about $8 million in scarce transportation dollars, no solution to terribly awkward entrance to City Market South End. There are lots of other downsides to this all-lose project design. South End much better off not to build at all with current design.
    Did not mention reduced connectivity with dead ending Pine St.