Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday November 30 Champlain Parkway Meeting at Champlain Elementary School 7 p.m.--First in Nine Years!

STOP!          RE-EVALUATE!         RE-IMAGINE!

With the first public meeting on the Champlain Parkway in nine years just a week away, a new group, Safe Streets Burlington (SSB), encourages anyone supportive of re-design of the Champlain Parkway to quality and safe walk and bike facilities to attend the public meeting devoted entirely to the current design of the Champlain Parkway. SSB also supports re-design from complete lack of quality and safe vehicle travel facilities along the Parkway route.

The Champlain Parkway meeting happens at 
7 p.m. Monday November 30, 2015 at the Champlain Elementary School adjacent to Champlain Chocolates on Pine Street.

Popup Human Space on Pine St.--Arts Riot 2015
The Parkway cost estimate, now $42.3 million, has no connection to the $11.5 million Railyard project.

The meeting occurs nine years to the day—November 30, 2006—when the final public input meeting occurred in the project development process which led to the 2009 the base authorization document, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Parkway first formal planning meetings began a full half century ago in 1965.


The City's official walk/bike advisory group, Burlington Walk Bike Council (BWBC) after six months discussion and analysis sent a detailed set of recommendations in December 2014 to Mayor Weinberger and Department of Public Works (DPW) calling for a numerous changes including: the safest and separate walk and bike facilities throughout the Parkway, the safest for all users intersections--modern roundabouts--and maintaining connectivity to Queen City Park Road and shopping areas southward with a roundabout at the base of Pine Street.

In addition, SSB calls for investing in a better economy for east side businesses
on Pine Street from Howard Street to Curtis Lumber by a six-foot re-alignment
moving six feet of greenway from the west side of Pine to the east side which enables wider sidewalks/plaza space as well as additional green space.

The current Parkway design features none of the BWBC recommendations or the street re-alignment sought by SSB. Safe Streets Burlington asks community leaders carefully examine the approved North Avenue Corridor Plan (NACP) which includes the important features recommended by both BWBC and SSB.

 SSB in view of the current design takes the position: “Stop! Re-Evaluate! Re- Imagine!” The SSB website is:


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